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Top 10 viral ad campaigns

Then again, a fair number of strauss gutschein abfrage views might have come from people curious about what many have called one of siemens rabatt bei sixt the worst car ads in recent memory.
Old Spice's 2010 "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" will go down in the annals of marketing as one of the first CPG brands to crack the viral code.
One of the most ball-dropping awesome of these was Samsungs Extreme Sheep Art.Old Spice Old Spice Man Is Back" Agency: Wieden Kennedy, Portland Launch date: Jan.This is the demographic that spreads things on the Internet first and foremost, and are often the chief drivers of what is considered cool.Not surprisingly, given the recent growth of web video, most of the entrants are recent campaigns, launched within the last year or two.When unveiling their now-pervasive e-mail service, admission was granted solely on the basis of a very select set of invites."Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 123.7 million.With its original budget in the thousands of dollars and the marketing campaign that cost virtually nothing, The Blair Witch ended up as one of the most profitable movies of all time.First it was an Aston Martin driving straight at him, then it was a pool of snakes.Google enlisted Lady Gaga, Johnny Cash (posthumously) and Justin Bieber, among others, in 11 creative executions.The campaign of Barack Obama took advantage of this like few before him, creating Facebook pages in the early stages of the campaign, as well as reaching out to all corners of social media to recruit and energize followers.What it Was : Back in the days when was something of a nascent novelty and streaming video was considered new, an obscure Blender company started a campaign now famously known.All Nike had to do was put this into scales everyone could understand (like jumping over a car) and combined with Kobes celebrity wait for the publicity to roll.Afterward they will read the blog.While great creative is the key to keeping interest and generating pass-along, time also helps.
Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise October 2013.
Our friends at Visible Measures helped us compile the 10 most-popular viral campaigns of 2011, excluding movie and game trailers.

T-Mobile: Royal Wedding, agency: Saatchi Saatchi, London."Cars 2 151.4 million.Chrysler broke the ad the traditional way, but one wonders if it left views on the table by not doing it before, as VW did with "The Force.".All but one, Pepsi's "Gladiator came after the launch of in 2005.The videos showed off the power of these durable blenders as they pulverized all sorts of expensive electronics.That means that from a standing position, he can jump a little over three feet into the air.Agency: Wieden Kennedy Portland, launch date: July 14, views:.3 million.Volkswagen gave this the ultimate paid placement in the Super Bowl but launched it the previous week on the web, where it garnered 14 million views before the game.The resulting spoof featured royal lookalikes prancing down the aisle in an homage to a true viral video, "JK Wedding Dance" (71 million views).Most importantly though, it significantly raised not only awareness of ALS but also donations to ALS charities.
A viral campaign is a marketing blitz that essentially creates a pitch which is cool and interesting enough that consumers will spread it on its own.